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Orison elevators are set the standard of excellence for elevator manufacturing, supply, installation, maintenance and modernization across the India. We at orison elevator do our best to create a comfortable and convenient future through the creation of maximum movement value from our technology and experience.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in manufacturing and installation special purpose custom designed elevator or lifts, automobile elevator, freight elevator, multipurpose lifts, dumbwaiter elevator, passenger elevator, home elevator and accessibility products.

We are ready for any challenges in the vertical transportation sectors. The installation of elevators is undertaken by specialized technicians trained by us and who work exclusively for us. We ensure that the best safety equipment are fitted and tested at each and every site for reliability and performance.

Orison elevators are also offers comprehensive annual maintenance contract which is affordable priced and we undertake to maintain the equipment and attend to the call back service within the Delhi & NCR regions.

Our Mission

At Orison our vision is to achieve market leadership through providing exceptional value to our customers. In addition to providing competitive products, we must deliver industry leading services and world class customer care.

In order to do so our business processes must be designed to serve our customers in a hassle free and responsive manner.

Our Vision

At Orison Elevators, our industry leading engineering skills make us a reliable and innovative partner. Customers trust us to engineer, deliver and maintain high-quality passenger transportation systems.

They count on us to intelligently apply existing technologies and develop next-generation solutions to move people safely, comfortably and efficiently, today and in the future. That’s why we’re committed to working together to make cities the best places to live.


We ensure that the best safety equipment are fitted and tested at each and every site for reliability and performance. Customer and employee safety are prime importance in the company’s strategy is visible across all platforms which includes all products, installation sites, offices and factories etc.

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