Elevator Maintenance

Elevator maintenance help prevent problems before they appear. Orison maintains your elevator or lifts based on its usage, age, and other significant factors. Your customized plan ensures that all individual components and systems are serviced at the right time and according to all relevant regulations.

Our regular elevator repair & maintenance visit focus on identifying potential problems and repairing these problems on an ongoing basis. This preventive approach reduces the occurrence of inconvenient service interruptions and costly breakdown with the added benefit of improving the performance of your elevators. Our experience technician’s teams are maintaining all elevators of various other manufacturers. Orison elevators are commits itself delivering the highest standard of service and equipment reliability that is continuously measured and regularly communicated to customers.

We offer a lot of elevator maintenance management program to meet customers’ needs. The right maintenance at the right time extends the lifespan of the equipment and protects owners’ investment. Our experienced and professional lift repair maintenance technician are here to ensure that your lifts are kept working properly for as long as possible. We undertake to repair and maintenance service of elevators or lifts and attend to the call back service within the Delhi & NCR regions.

If you planned preventative lift maintenance, servicing and testing are all essential to keep your breakdown and repair costs to a minimum. Therefore hiring the expert team at Orison elevators means that we can take care of any problem as soon as it occurs ensuring that you avoid the cost of replacing parts unnecessarily.


Orison elevators annual maintenance contract (AMC), are designed to meet every customer’s needs in cost effective solution for there elevator. Our qualified and experienced technician will regularly examine, lubricate and clean the machine, motor, controller, bearings, guides and if required make minor adjustments to ensure smooth and safe operation of entire elevator systems. We have created separate technical teams for separate models of lifts. These teams are qualified to deal with any problem of the elevator and detect the issues in minimum time span. The company has an inventory of genuine spare parts of each model of elevator. Our technical team is dedicated to check the working, processing, and quality standards of the lifts. We offer our elevator annual maintenance contract (AMC), for all types of elevator such as freight, passenger, home, industrial, residential, commercial and many more.

Orison elevators offer the comprehensive annual maintenance contract (AMC), which is reasonable price. We undertake to maintain the equipment and attend to the call back service within the Delhi & NCR regions.

For more information about our range of elevator annual maintenance contracts (AMC), please do not hesitate to contact one of our helpful and highly experienced team. They will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have and provide honest and impartial advice.


For non contract customers, we provide an emergency lift repair service. This one off emergency lift call-out service will deal with current lift faults or problems as they develop. Our experienced, dedicated and highly skilled emergency lift engineer will quickly diagnose the problem and have things working again in the fastest time as possible.

Our experienced team of emergency lift technician are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for when unexpected breakdown. Emergency lift repair service not only enables us to reach customers even more rapidly but also helps give them the peace of mind knowing that their lift will be repaired almost immediately. We provide emergency lift maintenance and lift repair services for customer surrounding areas of Delhi & NCR regions.

When it comes to emergency lift repairs and maintenance there are only one name that you can trust – Orison elevators. So, if your industrial, commercial or residential property needs some emergency lift repairs service, do not hesitate to contact our experienced and responsive team.


If you are looking for a customized quote or just want to ask a question, get in touch with Orison elevators today to start talking about elevator maintenance expert.