Goods Cum Passenger Elevator

Goods cum passenger elevator are the ideal solution for low to high rise, commercial and retail buildings for multipurpose use where goods and passengers can share the same vertical elevator solution. Goods cum passenger lifts have high capacity that can accommodate large number of material and people without affecting its regular speed. These lifts are manufactured as per international standards and huge demand across the globe.

The qualities you need in your goods lifts are the specifications we use to design and build them. We can handle any factory, warehouse or industrial project in the most economical and efficient manner possible. The controllers used in our goods lifts are the same advanced technology controllers used in our industry leading passenger lifts. Our traction goods lifts combine the latest digital technology with world-renowned manufacturing expertise to safely achieve smooth and quick acceleration, high energy efficiency and competitive pricing.



  • Description: Description: Compact machine room elevator for Low-rise residential buildings
  • Speed:5 To 1.75 m/s
  • Travel: 40 m
  • load: 4000 kg
  • persons: Up to 66

Durable design

  • An extensive range of load capacities and car sized to suit any needs
  • Wide choice of durable interior materials
  • Material and accessory options designed for style and to stand up to many years of heavy use
  • A solid set of standard features specially designed to goods transportation requirements

Goods Cum Passenger Elevator

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