Hospital Elevator

Hospital elevator or stretcher lifts are used for simple vertical transportation of a patient on wheelchair to wheeling away a critical patient on stretcher without disturbing his life support system with doctors and nurses, smoothly, silently and swiftly, without jerks and shocks.

Orison stretcher elevators are safe, smooth and reliable, these elevators  are specially designed for hospital and nursing-homes with a solid set of features for optimum performance in the highly demanding environment of patient transportation.

Our elevators hold stretcher, staff and medical equipment. Access control prioritizes operation for emergency elevators and can even designate selected elevators for trauma units and hygienic-sensitive transport.

Orison hospital elevator uses a variable voltage variable frequency control system providing revolutionary energy efficiency and outstanding passenger experience. The elegant design and additional functions also add to our customers’ satisfaction.

Our robust hospital elevator handle potential damage from stretchers, food carts and the general public. Features for sight- and hearing-impaired passengers ensure compliance with mandatory codes. And accurate floor leveling makes entering and exiting our elevator a safe and smooth experience.


Hospital Elevator Design

  • An extensive range of load capacities and car sizes to suit varying requirements of a modern hospital
  • Several material and accessory options designed for style and to stand up to many years of heavy use
  • A solid set of standard features especially suited to patient transportation requirements, plus several additional features that add value and enhance performance

Hospital Elevator Gallery

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