Lift modernization is one of the most important facilities in our daily lives; an outdated lift is potentially unsafe and may cause a building to lose its appeal and value. Unreliable performance may also cause passengers to worry. Modernization is an effective way to solve these problems. Improvement of elevator performance and appearance not only gives passengers peace of mind, but also adds value to the building.

Sometimes an old elevator needs like these that you should consider a lift modernization. Here at orison elevators, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide lift modernization that integrate functionality, comfort and style and provide you with many years of service. We appreciate that over time lifts become less reliable showing signs of wear tear. At this point some customers may decide that they cannot afford the costs of a brand new lift installation.



When is it time to consider a modernisation?

  • If your elevator is more than 10 years old
  • The performance of your lift is becoming unreliable
  • Passengers and building users complain about lift waiting time.
  • Parts are no longer available.
  • Building is being refurbished.
  • The visual appearance is not in line with building aesthetics.
  • Extended equipment lifetime
  • The building’s use has changed since the lift was first installed.
  • Ensures equipment compliance with applicable codes

Modernization of old lifts is suggested to achieve the following:

  • To improve elevator efficiency and safety
  • Safety / Code Compliance.
  • Conversion from single speed to VVVF control.
  • Conversion of manual door to power operated doors.
  • Modifying interiors of car to provide aesthetic looks
  • Increasing carrying capacity of the lift.
  • Conversion from old to latest technology.
  • Conversion from low to high travel speed.

What to Modernize


  • Accurate floor leveling
  • Energy efficiency
  • Faster response time
  • Emergency fire service compliance
  • Increase ride comfort
  • Non-proprietary designs

Traction Upgrades

  • Boost efficiency
  • Enhance ride quality
  • Eliminate DC motor generator and replace with efficient AC design
  • Improve braking system for added safety
  • Increase up direction protection with new rope gripper
  • Perform safety and governor upgrades to meet codes

Door Equipment’s

  • Improve passenger safety
  • Reduce operating noise
  • Efficient door speeds
  • Enhance aesthetics
  • Electronic door reopening device