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Home elevator or bungalow lifts are not just for older people. Many people have mobility issues. Residential elevators are reduce the risk of falls on stairs and allow you to move small items such as groceries, laundry and furniture between building floors.

Orison elevators are specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of small elevators for homes. With our range of personal lifts for home use, you can travel between floors with maximum convenience and safety whilst adding value to your home.

However, if you definitely want to include a personal elevator in your new home, better results can be achieved when we have the opportunity to review your plans before they are finalize. We can provide additional technical information to designers and engineers during planning process and liaise closely with your builder during construction.

Residential lifts add convenience and quality of life in any residence. Customized for private home or standardized for housing construction projects, our residential home elevators are set the industry standard. Designed with or without a shaft, they integrate easily into existing or new homes. They also come in various sizes, indoor or outdoor applications and an incredible array of cabin furnishings elements and materials.

Orison stylish home elevators are designed to give you the highest levels of travel comfort at reasonable price. Attractive lift cars, sophisticated electronic controls and other noiseless mechanical equipment combine together to make each elevator a model of perfection.

These elevators are equipped with VVVF control system for smoother ride, perfect leveling and energy efficiency. Our products are widely appreciated for their long lasting nature and available for Small home, villas, bungalows and residential complexes.

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